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Blue light glasses are becoming increasingly popular among the digital generation. After all, we spend many hours working or relaxing in front of our digital devices. 

Actually, it seems that we might spend, on average, 9 hours every single day in front of smartphones, computers, tablets and so on! Undoubtedly an important part of our days in which our eyes are continuously working hard without any type of protection

That’s exactly where blue light glasses come in handy!

Specifically designed with the digital generation in mind, Barner’s collection of blue light glasses efficiently protect against overexposure to blue light, which results in an overall increase of our wellbeing.




Blue light refers to a portion of the light wavelength that can be seen by human eyes and that is considered to be potentially tiring at the retinal level when exposed to it on a regular basis.

This blue-violet light can be typically found within the 380-500 nm wavelength, and is naturally emitted by the sun, and artificially emitted by digital screens. It is however, between the 415 nm to 455 nm where it is considered to be strongest.

Blue light surrounds us in our everyday life. Did you know that the reason we see the sky as being blue is actually because of this type of light? When these shortwaves from the sun strike against air molecules, it creates what our eyes interpret as an infinite blue sky.


Blue light is also responsible for regulating the circadian rhythms of our bodies: the sleep/wake cycles. That’s why, when overexposed to blue light, especially at night, sleep routines can be seriously affected, and computer vision syndrome symptoms might appear.


HEV, another technical term for Blue Light, stands for High-Energy Visible Light, because it is a short wavelength which produces the highest amounts of energy. The HEV light can be found near the ultraviolet (UV) end of the spectrum.

One of the main effects of HEV light on people’s vision is that it can cause eye strain and dry eyes after prolonged periods of exposure. This is due to the shorter wavelengths and greater energy of HEV which can be a result of the flashing, rapidly changing glare that our digital devices emit, which forces the eyes to focus harder.


All the glasses in our collection have lenses with a coating that has been carefully developed to protect our eyes against the side effects of prolonged blue-violet and LED light exposure. 

Our high quality organic CR39 lenses block 40% of the blue light on the 430-450 nm spectrum and 100% of the blue light at 410 nm. 

Barner’s lenses use two technologies: the first one reflects the blue light and the second one absorbs it. The effects are quickly noticeable: the eyes are more rested, relaxed and more comfortable when using digital devices. 

With the digital generation in mind, we have designed the clearest lenses with optimum protection, ideal for people who do color-sensitive work (like graphic designers, video/photo editors or any other profession that needs to see true color). 

Our protection against artificial blue light creates a perfect balance between color perception and blue light filtering.


Computer glasses stylishly protect and minimize blue light exposure while offering you a better quality of life.

✔ Better focus

✔ Reduces glare & eye strain

✔ Reduces Computer vision syndrome [CVS] symptoms

✔ Improves posture & well-being

✔ Better sleep cycles


Join the blue light savvy digital generation!

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