Our Story


Our Story

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Iris was founded in mid-2020 by a group of friends and ex-colleagues. The global pandemic that surged that year brought unprecedented change to every corner of the world. A new work-from-home and online schooling standard was implemented, causing a sharp increase in everyone’s daily screen time and their exposure to harmful blue light emissions. This problem continues to affect millions of people all across the world on a daily basis.

As workaholics and tech lovers who are often sitting in front of screens, we realised our eyes were being exposed to harmful blue light for many hours every day. We wanted a solution to protect our eyes and improve our lifestyle. After extensive research, we discovered that the current products on the market were ineffective, expensive and of low quality, so we decided to come up with our own solution – Iris!




Never at rest Image

Never at rest

We understand that the pursuit of knowledge is endless and change is inevitable and necessary. We take on new concepts and challenges to ensure we are always pushing our boundaries and staying ahead of the curve.

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Focus on you

We make sure that you get what you want – a seamless experience from start to finish, a first-rate product that does what it advertises and a price that won’t break the bank.

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All included experience

Our products are strictly for everyone. That’s right, everyone. Our frames are made to fit all types of faces, no matter what shape, colour, age, gender or background. There is an Iris frame that fits you.

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Spreading positivity

We take ownership of our interactions with not only you, but also the world at large. This means we have a keen sense of responsibility towards bringing about positive change at all levels.



Every day we are greeted by change; the way we work, play and communicate is evolving rapidly and technology is leading the way. In an increasingly digital world, we must prioritise our physical and mental well-being in a conscious manner. This means we need to reassess how we engage with technology and how to use it safely. Technology has driven us forward by leaps and bounds and has recently helped us in unprecedented ways. However, with this significant shift in our daily lives, we must also change the way we see things – literally.

Our aim is to help you take care of your eyesight and to increase your quality of life. Innovation, research, expertise – we use all this and more to provide you with protective, stylish, affordable eyewear that will vastly improve your everyday life in this modern, digital world.




Get ready to make daily headaches and eye strain a thing of the past! Wear our protective frames and enjoy better sleep, enhanced focus and fewer headaches.

The stylish designs, incomparable comfort and effective technology of our products are all you need to look good and feel good every day.

Find the style that best suits you.

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Whether you want to look sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful or conservative, your eyewear helps shape how you are perceived by the world. Your eyeglasses frame your face and become an integral part of your identity. Glasses help people see the real you or help create the image you have always wanted.

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