According to WebMD, insomnia is defined as a sleeping disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. Between 30% to 48% of adults suffer from insomnia. Be it acute or chronic, insomnia causes mental and physical fatigue. 

Acute insomnia lasts from a night to a few weeks. When it starts occurring 3 times a week for 3 or more months, that is when it is classified as chronic insomnia. 

People may find it difficult to fall asleep at night and that is not due to any health conditions but life events that are triggering them. Stress, noise, light, room temperature and jetlag all contribute to primary insomnia. Loss of a job or a loved one can also be the causes of primary insomnia. 

Secondary insomnia, however, is due to health conditions. You may be having trouble falling asleep due to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Some medication can also affect your sleep and as a result, it may cause secondary insomnia. 

With all that being said, are you prone to suffer from insomnia if you are a gamer?

Prolonged hours of the gaming session has more impact on you and your wellbeing than you think. It is not crystal clear but when you understand the implications of blue light, you will be able to see the correlation. Hardcore gamers that sit in front of their screens and play hours on end may have a higher risk of suffering from insomnia. With their LED setup and loud noise, it could result in headaches and migraines, digital eye strain and sleepless nights. The primary cause of these symptoms is overexposure to blue light emitted from their screens which can cause more serious, cumulative health risks.

Self-care plays a big role when you are looking to improve your well-being. Taking frequent breaks from your digital devices, eating healthy, drinking water regularly and getting good night sleep (8 hours in most cases) all aid in battling sleep disorders. 

Block out the blue light throughout the day, so the blues don’t come creeping up on you at night. 


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