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MENA based brand IRIS Eyewear was founded in late 2019 by a group of friends and ex-colleagues. We saw a problem on the rise and envisioned how we can aid in protecting future’s visionaries. Tomorrow holds many advancements specially with the way the working individual interacts with technology. The global pandemic that surged in 2020 brought unprecedented change to every corner of the world. A new work-from-home and online schooling standard was implemented, causing a sharp increase in everyone’s daily screen time and their exposure to harmful blue light emissions. This problem continues to affect millions of people all across the world on a daily basis.


We realised our eyes were being exposed to harmful blue light for many hours every day and wanted a solution to protect our eyes and improve our wellbeing & lifestyle. After extensive research, we discovered that the current products on the market were ineffective, expensive and of low quality, so we decided to come up with our own solution – IRIS!